Jun. 12th, 2015

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I got up the next morning feeling a little groggy, my body still thought it was a little too early, but my mind was fixed on the idea of walking amid myths today.

Downtown New York City is something that I've only ever seen in TV or movies, read of in books, or heard of in plays or on the news. It's fill of stories, millions of stories that have been told about this place and the people who have lived here for hundreds of years. Everything from Damon Runyon to the new version of Sherlock Holmes in New York in Elementary from the resent Avengers movies to Miracle on 42nd Street and from Seinfeld to seeing the coverage when the Twin Towers fell. For me, the whole city was stacked and layered and nuanced with Story.

Most of the major publishers live in this city, and so much TV and radio history centers here, and there are reasons for that. And here I was, coming to visit and see, for myself, what I'd only ever heard of or seen through lens.

And it was beautiful... )
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Welcome to my journal. I'm putting this at the top so folks can find things easily. There are so many years' worth of stuff on this journal that it's not that easy to find things. I started out just journaling, but then got into writing fiction as well.

First, trip journals. They're all family friendly. You can also just click the travel tag as well to see everything related to it.

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