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- Thatcher Rock looking appropriately evil.

Thatcher Rock looking appropriately evil, Torbay 05-17

- Reading, books 2017: 74

Both of these novels were read as part of my chicklit summer challenge in which I promised my friends I'd try reading "proper" chicklit. They claim Jenny Colgan doesn't count because I read her science fiction first and that I should read a Jill Mansell for calibration, and a Sophie Kinsella for lolz, and I was supposed to read a Milly Johnson too but goodreads informs me she's an online wanker so I'm excused. Both these novels are also "beach reads" literally set at beaches because.

63. The Unpredictable Consequences of Love, by Jill Mansell, 2014, novel. I changed my mind about this book half way through. My initial reaction was that this is "for Femail readers although there's internal evidence it would like to believe it's aimed higher at Torygraphers. Unpleasant characters in a fictional world that runs according to unpleasant people's social expectations. The prose and construction are shoddy too, as if it's written by an experienced author who doesn't believe her paying readers deserve anything better." However, by the end I was enjoying all the secondary and tertiary characters and plots, but still couldn't stand the romantic leads. She's self-absorbed and he's creepy. I note that this isn't merely my immunity to romance, because I enjoyed reading about the secondary and tertiary couples. (2/5)

Two unpleasant characters. )

65. Wedding Night, by Sophie Kinsella, 2013, novel. I didn't actually laugh at Wedding Night until a quarter of the way through but then I loled several times in quick succession and kept laughing until the end. However, reading this novel mostly reminded me that while I'm happy reading middlebrow women's fiction the lowbrow stuff does tend to make my eyes roll back in my head from tedium even when it's as comparatively well done as this is. I was truly sitting there laughing and simultaneously thinking that I'd be getting more out of reading highbrow poetry, lol. I DO HAVE SOME QUESTIONS THOUGH, OBV. (Q1) Why didn't the woman with the mild peanut allergy, who realised her beach massage had contained peanut oil, immediately stop trying to have painful sex and dip herself in the sea? (Q2) If your 7 year old son had gathered up all the room key cards people had left foolishly laying around in the bar of a four star hotel where you were staying for one night only, would you rly scatter 20 key cards randomly around the room instead of merely handing them to the bar staff? Because I'd be more embarrassed to do the former than the latter! (3.5/5 farce, which probably suited me because I wasn't required to identify with any of the characters)

[Art] Three parrots. :D

Jul. 29th, 2017 06:48 pm
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Sometimes I feel like drawing a bunch of animals in a cluster.
A whole lot of foxes.
Or in this case.
Bunches of parrots.

They all feel quite different, despite being family.

For the first time in a while, I've started including keyword meanings again.

Orange-Bellied Parrot as Totem // (Neophema chrysogaster) // Critically Endangered
Original available at Etsy.

‘Don’t expect to see me in the wild. You’re probably going to miss me for two reasons – I’m exceedingly rare, and I love to look like my environment. There’s wisdom in not always standing out, isn’t there? Except that I’m such a rare gem, some people go to great lengths to see me and meet me. What I teach over time has shifted, and now I invite you to seek what is rare and hidden in yourself, and decide if it’s something you want to gift to others, or keep as a private gift for yourself. I also share the wisdom of moving regularly from place to place to find nourishment. You’ll always have a firm sense of where your home is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t roam, does it? I can share with you the wisdom of the coast and grasses – like me, they may seem easy to overlook – but a lifetime’s worth of esoteria hides in the places you least expect.’


Blending into the background. Coastal wisdom and magic. Connecting with grass and grass-seed energy. Camouflage. Migration. A life less ordinary. Sound the alarm. Requiring concessions. Connection to flame and burned places. Offerings of fire. Calling the sacred flame. Sensitivity to climate change. Being choosy over partners. The wisdom of Air and Fire while staying strongly connected to the Earth. Balance. Connection to the sacral chakra. Everyday beauty.

Photos under the cut. )

Pale Headed Rosella as Totem // (Platycercus adscitus)
Original available at Etsy.

‘What a bold friend I can be, if you wish to get to know me. You may not always like my abrupt or aggressive way of handling situations, but I know how to share my wisdom and I’ll know how to share it with you. I teach the nourishment found in eucalyptus energy, and what it is to find wisdom and growth in the dark. I enjoy a balance between the light and the dark and I eschew a black and white way of looking at the world. I hope you’re ready to have your opinions challenged! I’m not as friendly as other parrots, and I won’t pretend to be your best friend as a teacher, but I’ll certainly love you fiercely, and you’ll never forget your time with me.’


Working with aggression. What lurks in the trees. Tree magic and wisdom. Unusual displays of affection. Connection to Air and Fire, balanced well by Water. Colour therapy. Reaching goals with ease. Flying over obstacles. Connection to the throat chakra. Eucalyptus magic and wisdom. Challenging dichotomies. Choosing to rest and find healing in the dark. Woodland magic. Everyday beauty.

Photos under the cut. )

Pesquet's Parrot as Totem // (Psittrichas fulgidus)
Original available at Etsy.

‘People look at me and usually see two things – first, they see my glorious red plumage and I suppose this is why some people only wish to hunt me. Second, they see my bald head and hooked beak and wonder if I am a fierce hunter. In fact, I carry the secret of fruit in my blood and bones, I eat almost only figs, and I know what it is to live off what the trees provide! I am so much more than first impressions, and so are you, I suspect. Learn why people misunderstand you, or why you misunderstand yourself! I can show you the joy of being with many of your own kin, or being with only one or two loved ones. Let me teach you about the nourishment to be found in the bountiful rainforests, without and within. Come let life be about joy and brightness!’


Fig wisdom and symbolism. Misunderstandings. Brightness. To find joy with many and a few. Ambivert. First impressions are sometimes wrong. Beauty. Colour. The wisdom of Air and Fire. Connection to the root chakra. Following sources of nourishment and nutrition. Moving to where the action is. Everyday beauty. Friendship. Rainforest wisdom. Mountain wisdom.

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Thanks to everyone who has asked about or been waiting for prints of my most recent paintings! Nucleus Portland will be releasing these two 12"x16" limited edition giclée prints on Monday, July 31, at 12pm Pacific Time • http://ift.tt/2vgoYDB

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2w8Sojo
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Romeo Gigli
spring/summer 1990
silk, cotton, acetate, nylon, spandex, leather, mother-of-pearl

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2w8xq44


Jul. 29th, 2017 02:26 am
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I just found out from a fan fiction story that fiddle head ferns are edible!


Jul. 29th, 2017 05:24 am
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"Before you make a commitment to someone think: does this person to deserve to be in the 'Personal Life' section of my Wikipedia page?" -- Bolu Babalola, 2017-01-24

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When they are in the library, Hannah clasps Sandy’s hands and looks up into his face through her spectacles and says she was so very sorry to hear the sad news, and sure it must be entire devastating for him.

There are those consider Hannah Clorinda Roberts as Flora Ferraby’s shadow: but Hannah is one of those quiet women that sit unnoticed and make their own judgements on matters.

She goes on to say, her papa lately preached a very fine sermon upon David and Jonathan.

He does not know what to say to that: instead, asks do Roberts and Seraphine remain at Raxdell House?

Hannah smiles and says, 'twould break her papa’s heart to leave the gardens now that he has got them into such condition. And his new Lordship and Ladyship do not go interfere with the gardens. Mama leaves a deal of kitchen matters in Miriam’s hands now.

They look at one another and he thinks of all those agreeable hours in the Raxdell House library, before Flora came back from her Grand Tour with Clorinda, Hannah quietly going about putting the books into order and writing up the ledgers.

His Lordship was very fond of you, he says. Greatly admired your talent in arranging flowers. He opened to me once that he should have liked to leave you some remembrance in his will, but thought that might lead to some adverse comment – mayhap that you were some bastard daughter of his or had been his mistress – that would be most unpleasing to you and your parents.

Hannah takes off her spectacles to wipe away the tears. He was always so very kind, she says in a choked whisper.

He was, says Sandy, feeling tears threaten himself, ever the kindest of men.

But of course, says Hannah, I already had a remembrance.

Sandy looks at her frowning, for he cannot quite remember –

Beatrice, she says.

Beatrice is one of the several children that he has supposed orphans or those in similar unfortunate condition, that Flora and Hannah have taken in. Beatrice, he recalls, is one of two that he confides come from among Hannah’s connections, by the duskiness of their skin and the curl of their hair.

Hannah puts a hand to her mouth. O, she says, surely you knew, you must have known.

He looks at her with a puzzled frown.

That His Lordship was her father.

What? (for he knew that Gervase could accomplish the act with women, even though it was by no means his inclination.)

Oh, says Hannah, we thought you must know about the children, surely Her Ladyship –

Have you never heard her say secrets that are not mine to disclose? They are your children?

And Flora’s. But – I am astonished you knew naught of this – one e’en Lady Bexbury was reading Shakspeare’s Sonnets to us, that desire a fellow to go beget copies of himself, and I said, 'twas a great pity that His Lordship had not done so, and so we put it to him, and he very kindly conceded to undertake the matter, and so I bore my lovely Beatrice – he chose the name, 'twas ever his favourite Shakspearean heroine.

Indeed, says Sandy, very shaken by this intelligence. Why had he not – 'tis not really surprising, does he think on it, given his own jealousy; and might also have affected his affection towards Hannah. And he knows that Gervase sometimes regretted that he did not have offspring.

And made a generous settlement upon her tho’ we said was entire unnecessary.

He swallows and says, might I come see her, some day?

Why, of course, 'twould be an entire pleasure: you might come visit for a while.

Hector comes say that dinner is about to be served, and they go down to the dining-room.

It is not a thing that one would go ask: but he has always supposed, since they took up residence in the Surrey house, neither of them displaying any inclination to marry, that Flora and Hannah were of the Sapphic disposition. Though, he also recollects, Lady Jane, who could not be doubted of that disposition, had had a great desire for motherhood.

He also minds that they have, between the two of them, writ several pamphlets drawing attention to the iniquitous way the laws of marriage, and those of society generally, are slanted against women. Perchance they make the practical application.

But he cannot muse long when there are two intelligent young women desiring to know his thoughts on various matters.

Clorinda looks at them all very fondly.

But the next day, after Hannah and Flora have departed, and he takes tea with Clorinda, he goes about to discover how much she apprehends of the situation.

At which she laughs merrily and says, have been entire in the plot these several years. Indeed, when comes the time they may no longer conceal their condition, they go to the Shropshire estate, where they may reside quite eremitickal until they are brought to bed.

He frowns a little. But, he says, I had thought that what you had wanted for Flora was some grand match –

Clorinda laughs again and says, 'twas more that had she desired such, would have been deemed an entire acceptable parti, but I ever wanted for her what would make her happy. And while the condition of women remains entire distressing, gives her a deal of gratification to endeavour improve it. Along with her other studies, and the company of Hannah, and their children.

He knows not how to come at enquiring whether 'tis a Sapphic union, but Clorinda has always been able to detect his unasked questions.

They are the dearest of friends, says she, indeed, like unto sisters tho’ perchance with less brangling than Bess and Meg, but 'tis a sympathy of the mind and the heart, not the body. Sure they like men well enough, but they are not obliged to marry.

I daresay, he says, you will tell me that 'tis secrets that are not yours to disclose, but do you know who are the fathers of their children?

I do: but there are secrets that are not mine to disclose. Tho’, she continues with a slight quaver in her voice, I was like to suppose that Milord would have communicated somewhat of the matter of Beatrice to you, and that the pink diamonds were to come to me in trust for her, when she is come to an age that she will not be a-putting 'em in her mouth and being most disappointed that they do not taste as lovely as they look.

He is silent for a while and says at length he is not sure that there is not some resentment that he himself was not deemed suited as a sire.

There is a little quiver about Clorinda’s mouth. O, she says, the matter was discussed, when we were talking of leaving copies. But, my dear, 'twould be somewhat of a heavy matter to undertake an act you had never before performed with so much at stake in the business.

Upon considering over this, he concedes that she has the right of it. Even could he contrive to perform he doubts not he would be clumsy and awkward about the matter, and should not like to inflict that upon any young woman whom he held in affection.

Just One Thing (29 July 2017)

Jul. 29th, 2017 08:46 am
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.


(no subject)

Jul. 28th, 2017 11:52 pm
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So, pretty productive day! I went to Starbucks around 9.30am, and hung out there until 12.30pm. I think it really helped to be outside the house in a public space surrounded by people. I got a lot of writing done, and the chapter end is in sight. Was hoping to be done with it by tonight, but my afternoon nap stretched longer than expected.

I went for my evening walk at 7pm instead of the usual 9pm. By the time I got to the top of Blaine St., it was still light enough that I could walk all the way to Box Springs Mountain Reserve, which I usually don't get to, because it's not very well-lit at night so it looks vaguely scary. (I get a lot of flak for walking in the evenings after sunset because girl and all that but I still do have SOME sense of self-preservation.) The mountain was really nicely lit up by the sunset, too, which I rarely look at. I really ought to look into running up there, though, because hour-and-a-half walks are just... too long.

On the way home, I ran into Jose from Hispanic Studies, and we chatted a bit while I petted his dog. It surprises people, turns out, that I have diabetes, because to most people I seem to live a really active and healthy life. Which, I guess, yeah, compared to most grad students I know, I kinda do. But I'm not really THAT outgoing.

Anyway, maybe sugar is NOT the problem, because at Starbucks I treated myself to a whoopie pie with no ill effects. Then what was my problem at Coco's? The french fries? IDK.

The Worst Witch

Jul. 28th, 2017 10:56 pm
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Netflix's new reboot of The Worst Witch series is great! The previous versions already felt a lot like Harry Potter (clearly Rowling borrowed a LOT from this series, a series that goes bac to 1986 at least), but now more than ever. It's still the same series, but they've got little nods to Harry Potter:
* The headmistress likes lemon drops.
* One of the teachers stows her wand behind her ear (like Luna Lovegood).
* Mildred is basically a Muggle-born witch.
* Pretty sure the castle they use in this series, at least in parts, is the same as in the Harry Potter movies.

What's more, the girl who plays Mildred Hubble is the same girl who plays Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones, who is one of my top five favorite characters. (Arya is on the list, as well as Tyrion, Mellisandre, and John Snow.)

Legend of Korra: Turf Wars (part 1)

Jul. 29th, 2017 02:07 pm
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At long last, the new LoK graphic novel that picks up directly where the animated series left off.

This was meant to arrive at my local comic shop on Wednesday, and I had basically blocked off a whole evening to have FEELINGS ... only the shipment was delayed, so I wound up staying longer than planned at a work function, accordingly drank more wine than intended, and ended up listening to Hamilton and texting my mother about the American Revolution.

Then the book arrived yesterday Thursday, and I'm not saying I was so excited I had a blood sugar crash as soon as I had finished it, but I did have to make an emergency stop at my local for a burrito and a pint of cider, and spent much of that meal frantically texting my friends.

'He'll wallop spoilers with a knockout blow!' )

the name of games

Jul. 28th, 2017 10:12 pm
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 That's one way to figure out how to name your characters. . . 

Take the one name you've figured out, search for an era, and pick the rest of the names from that era.

It's when this gave me the heroine's name that I knew this work.  And the odd thing is that Ottoline, the one character whose name I knew, does not linger for long.  But the 19th century names managed to cover all the characters.


Jul. 28th, 2017 09:11 pm
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Patterns I have bought:

- McCall's M4745 - Civil War Coat and Trousers. I just want a baseline pattern for a military-style coat/jacket for cosplay/shenanigans. (I can already tell that my ambitions mean I will have to figure out how to make alterations. Don't worry, I will start out with straight seam practice and cat bed cushions.)

- Simplicity Pattern 1318 - Misses Kimono Jackets. In all fairness, I could use John Marshall's Make Your Own Japanese Clothes instead; I once used it years back to make a cosplay kimono (badly hand-sewn because I didn't own a machine). But I like the views and I also need to learn to work from a pattern sooner rather than later, and it might as well be an easier pattern to make something fun.

- Butterick 6400 - Misses' Boned, Back-Pleat Jackets. Again, I really like a couple of the views and think this would be fun to modify BECAUSE I'M CRAZY. But, I mean, what is the point of making a pattern EXACTLY AS IT IS? For me the whole point of this learning to sew business is so I can CUSTOMIZE. If I wanted something exactly as someone else designed it, I'd go to off-the-rack.

It's too bad visiting my mom is so expensive. We could talk shop! My mom loves to talk about crafts ANYTHING.

But in the meantime: iron, notions, fabric, thread, STRAIGHT SEAM PILLOWS.

NIF: eps 20-1 Worst. Birthday. EVER.

Jul. 28th, 2017 07:06 pm
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Chinese dramas, as far as I can tell, do not conform to the Aristotelian three-act structure. So the intensity of the climax here, which a Westerner might expect as the end of act one, followed by quiet, shocks one when followed by scenes even more intense in the next pair.

But right now we have what seems to be a quiet birthday party that builds to a crescendo of riveting action, emotional explosion, and revelation, as we watch the Worst Birthday Ever.

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I'm having no luck with Google searches on this (my Google technique is usual pretty good), and though I have found some decent diagrams of traditional Chinese homes, they don't go into this level of detail.

When a visitor arrived at a non-lordly Chinese home (say, a lesser merchant's home) in the "classic" Imperial period that is popular for costume dramas, how would he announce his presence? Would he ring a bell, knock on the door, or what?

I'm guessing that a well-off home would have a doorman of some sort, who would announce a guest, but what about a house that had no servants, or only a scullery maid or something?

Thanks in advance for any input you might have.

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Joe and I continue Bad Anime Date Night, which in this case might more accurately be termed Frustrating Anime Date Night. Tales of Zestiria the X is an anime/JRPG that has some compelling elements that, in the anime version through episode 11, are largely squandered. I wanted to unpick why.

NOTE: There will be spoilers through episode 11, but not further. Please don't spoil me for the rest of the anime. I haven't played the game (although it's unlikely I will).

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