The Party

Jun. 4th, 2017 12:34 am
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It was the graduation party today.

We arrived in the morning, had some pancakes, and went for a walk with Isabel before getting ready for the party.

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Today was a really simple day.

We got up as we were able, had breakfast in the cottage. The lady renting us the airbnb room had stocked the fridge with eggs from the chickens who woke Jet up last night, fresh whole wheat bread from the local bakery, butter, raspberry jam from the garden, milk and half and half. We'd brought our own milk, too. She had also stocked fresh coffee.

The kitchen came with frying pans and the like, so we fried eggs, toasted bread, and ate.

Then we were off to Paul, Jan, and Marina's.

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This was the last day of most people's weekend. None of the other kids were out of school, yet, other than Jet, so most of them had to go back to end of the school year stuff, like finals and parties and graduations. Various people were leaving at various times, so Isabel mostly stayed at the house to have one last chance talking with them, and to say her good-byes and thanks to everyone that came to celebrate her birthday.

There were two major hikes during the day, and we decided on doing just the one to Multnomah Falls. It was fairly nearby, and it's the tallest falls in Oregon, and is a two tiered beauty. In the afternoon another group went to Trillium Lake, a relatively flat hike, but I was too tired to do it, and we just stayed at the house instead.

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Walt and Cathie made breakfast burritos the next morning, and it was a wonderful breakfast for people just filtering in as they were able. Poor Jet had a really hard time getting up, as he's not at all used to going to sleep that late, and he was in the last group to get in and get fed.

But he made it! And we all piled into cars and headed out to Maryhill to see an oddity that I had glimpsed from the highway across the Columbia many a time when we were headed East on a road trip, but we'd never explored up close.

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At the Outer Banks, Brenda taught me how to make her biscuits. She used Southern Biscuit flour, wheat germ, coconut oil, and buttermilk to make crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside biscuits. I only had the biscuit flour I'd brought back with me from OBX, and Costco and the local Safeway didn't have anything of the sort, so I just got all purpose flour instead, and did the best I could with baking powder and soda. And instead of buttermilk, I just added water to Greek Yogurt, which is acidic enough, but a little too solid to go in straight.

It worked.

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Aaaand... of course, a day into the whole thing, I discover that the wireless doesn't work in our room, and everywhere else there are, pretty much, people. Good people, people I love, but still... it's pretty much impossible for me to write while someone is trying to talk with me. The two sets of circuits are pretty much incompatible.

So you'll get the first trip this way. *laughs* Hopefully the Crowne Plaza in New Jersey will do better by me and the journal. It better.

Of course, our whole trip got started on a very odd foot to begin with...

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