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Been wanting to do this for a while, as there've been a lot of artists that have done amazing work for both [ profile] demented_dee and I for David and West.

So we've now opened a CafePress store for all the characters that Prism and I have created together. At the moment, it's mostly West and David, but we have a few pieces that are coming down the pike for the H.J. Raine and Kelly Wyre New Amsterdam boys and stories. We had a lot of fun talking with the artists who have already contributed to the gallery on Y!Gallery, and got their agreement to open a store.

It's kind of cool. Just click HERE, click on “West & East” (New Amsterdam merchandise, etc. coming soooon!) and follow the rabbit holes to buy amazing things from Grimmalkin, Rah, Haslin, Kyuubi, Imlikat, and others. All the art is work safe. Buttons, t-shirts, pajamas, keychains, journals, necklaces, cards, commemorative boxes, and the list goes on.

Half the profits go to your resident creators, and half go to the artists who help make our creations come to life.

Buy, share, tell everybody where you got the cool stuff.

Much love and David PJs,
Liralen Li and Demented D.

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By [ profile] aetherbox/Grimmalkin for a commission. My only prompt was "David". *laughs*

Though we talked a lot about [ profile] aetherbox's worlds, what the symbols meant in his stories, and he really likes my David. I was impressed when he was able to translate a lot of David's character into the symbols and pieces of his world. You can read about my David on the [ profile] evantide_and_li community. Just join up and you can see the stories. But here's the picture, behind a cut.

Cut for the picture. It's entirely work safe. Just... beautiful. )
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Title: Making Lunch
Rating/Warnings: G. None really.
Characters: David, Ella, with Ethan and West in the background
Author's Note: This was for Fluister on Y!Gallery, as a prize during the read-along for advertising Hearts Under Fire. Her prompt was "David and food!" I asked [ profile] darkprism_fics for permission to write Ella and she granted it, but West and Ethan came along in the background for the ride. *laughs* So David belongs to me, and the rest of the crew belong to [ profile] darkprism_fics. Copyright 2011 by Liralen Li. This is on the Evantide_and_Li community, so you'll have to join to read it, we're trying to have some control over story access.
Disclaimers: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidence.

( David Li was making his lunch. )
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For those that are following the original series East and West, written by [ profile] darkprism_fics and I, there's now an updated sidefic for Valentine's Day. It's on our community, please do join if you wish to read the stories, as we've locked them to members-only. Thanks!

East and West side fic: Groceries
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[ profile] grimmalkin gave me permission to post this here, for those of you following the East and West stories. *laughs* This is West with his personal assistant, Ethan, who is long-suffering...very, very long-suffering. *laughs*

The storyline has been friends-locked by [ profile] darkprism_fics and I as we hope to rework it and publish it.

My David!!

Aug. 8th, 2010 05:10 pm
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[ profile] hidden_gems fulfilled her end of the [ profile] gulf_aid_now auction that I won, and drew a beautiful portrait of my original character David. *dances about* I am very, very happy with what she did!

Cut for the lovely picture! )
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Title: Sand Falling
Characters: David and the Get It Done crew along with Abe, and my cross-dressing Voodoo Queen Jezebel.
Rating/Warnings: PG, None really, just SF bits. *laughs*
Word Count: 3408
Author's Note: The prompt this week was "Go", from my list of 30 prompts and I blew the 1000 word limit out of the water this week, given how much I wanted to just get into it. *laughs* I may just go to fanfic or some other character with the prompts after this... but thanks for the ride so far.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to an real person, living or dead, is coincidence. Copyright 2010 by Phyllis L. Rostykus, all rights reserved.

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Title: Sheltered Coves
Character: David again. *laughs*
Rating: PG-13, for language
Summary: David thinks about finding some action at a local dance club, but gets second thoughts.
Author's Notes: This is for my 30 prompts of 1000 words each challenge with Y!Gallery's RemiDesBatons just to have us both explore how much can be done in just 1000 words. David's taken over for a while, and since I missed last weekend due to connectivity problems, too many social obligations, and being way too tired, you get two for one this week. This is 2000 words covering "Union" and "Cleansed", and yes, there were a lot of other ways to take this. *laughs* But I didn't want to jump on a cliché.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead is pure coincidence. Copyright 2010 by Phyllis Rostykus

David stopped outside the Emerald Cove... )
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Title: Offerings
Character: David
Rating/Warnings: PG, None
Author's Note: This is this week's 1000 word story, prompt is "Decent", but I didn't do that good a job of it, it's far more influenced by the fact that it's Memorial Day. *laughs*
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any and all resemblance to any persons living or dead is pure coincidence.

David Li opened a black and white Tao-etched Zippo lighter... )
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Title: Saving the World
Character: David
Rating/Warnings: G, none
Word Count: 1000
Summery: In which we learn about the time that did involve mosquitoes.
Author's Note: I'm friend locking these as I might go somewhere with them eventually, and folks that said that they wanted to look at my Mistfit Toys are now on my flist anyway. This is the next in the series of 30 prompts, each with 1000 words. "Powder" was the prompt.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Title: Walking Away
Series: East and West
Character: David Li, from Silver and Black, introducing Eva, Mack, and Bob
Rating/Warnings: G pretty much, no warnings
Word Count: 1000, exactly
Author's Note: This is the first of my 1000-word challenge pieces. This one happens to be original, and it's for the word "Defiant". Yes, David's co-workers from "We Get It Done" were folks I thought about for... months, really. So they'll probably appear again later as they're definitely a part of how David's effectiveness, even if he does move away for a while. Many thanks to [ profile] mysocalledhell for a quick proofread, and to [ profile] darkprism for really wanting to know what happens next.

You can't leave. )
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for [ profile] stark_black in thanks for her service....

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For those that were following [ profile] stark_black's and my original fiction, "Silver and Black", there's a little G artwork... totally work safe. Just portraits of the boys.

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[ profile] morgainelefae drew me some lovely line art of David and Chris from Silver and Black as chibi boys in the steam from a cup of cocoa a while back, and she gave me permission to color and post my coloring of her lovely line art. *grins* I really had fun doing this, and I learned a lot about gimp and how to deal with shading and line art using the tool boxes it provides. It was far too much fun, so I did the Kira icon I'm posting this with as well. I just colored the manga's black and white, and it was a lot easier once I figured out layering. *laughs*

David is owned by me. [ profile] stark_black owns Chris. The art is [ profile] morgainelefae's.

Cut for the picture. )

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